Sanzo Burial PVC...

Okay, so maybe I'm not posting this correctly, but I'm a bit desperate LOL!!!

I'm looking to see where I can get my hands on the Saiyuki Reload Burial Sanzo PVC Lighting Figure (pic below) or if someone out there is planning to sell him, please let me know. I really am trying to get my hands on him. So, feel free to let me know here or PM me. Super thanks in advance!!!

Pic :

Thanks again for any help!!!

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Saiyuki Room Party on Friday

Everything is good to go and I'm getting ready for the con. The newest doujin is back from the printers and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and actually look forward to the con. XD

The party will be held at 8pm on Friday in the Mariott.

Please see this entry regarding past information.

I'll give notice on Friday afternoon of the room's number.

If you will not have access to the internet on Friday and want to be texted with the room number, please leave me your cell phone number in the comments of THIS ENTRY. All comments will be screened there.

Hope to see you there! :D

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Saiyuki room party a-go-go~

Sup folks! I'm still alive and kicking, despite hardly touching the internet in months - whoops!

The 2nd Annual Saiyuki Room Party at YaoiCon is still set and ready to go. The room has been reserved for Friday the 30th.

Details about the party can be found here as usual. Come and drop any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have; I'd like this to be even better than last year. :D

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Nitro Dressing. Now with events!


A dressing room is a free-for-all roleplay community that requires no application process. It doesn't matter whether you already play the character at another game or if you want to try your hands at them before applying somewhere, all Minekura Kazuya characters are welcome here! It's also an ideal place for people who don't have enough time/energy to dedicate to a formal roleplay, not to mention for meeting new people and having all sorts of crazy roleplay antics.

Now with weekly events! Current event? Gender swap!

Come play with us!