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Saiyuki Reload Vol. 10 [08 Apr 2012|06:48pm]

Just in case anyone is still looking for the english version of this manga, I saw you can find it here :

EBAY LINK  (more than 10 available)...

  Good luck!
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Sanzo Burial PVC... [31 Mar 2012|08:38pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Okay, so maybe I'm not posting this correctly, but I'm a bit desperate LOL!!!

I'm looking to see where I can get my hands on the Saiyuki Reload Burial Sanzo PVC Lighting Figure (pic below) or if someone out there is planning to sell him, please let me know. I really am trying to get my hands on him. So, feel free to let me know here or PM me. Super thanks in advance!!!

Pic :

Thanks again for any help!!!

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Selling Saiyuki items! ^_^ [20 Feb 2012|08:01pm]

Hi all!

I'm letting go of many Saiyuki items at super low starting bids on eBay [[ HERE ]] .

Please feel free to check the auctions out, thank you! ^_^v
Good luck bidding & Happy Shopping!
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Search Sanzo Figure [04 Nov 2010|01:59pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I search the Genjo Sanzo Lighting PVC Figure

If you have it please contact me *ç* at inouchan 

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Saiyuki items for sale! [24 Sep 2010|03:35pm]

Dear all,

Still selling some Saiyuki items!
- Sanzo Promo Postcard *nice!*
- Saiyuki Anime Promo Booklet

All going @ 0.99 only!

Full listings are [[ HERE ]]

Happy shopping!! ^_^
Thank you!
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Selling Saiyuki postcards! [08 Sep 2010|02:26am]

Hi all!

I'm selling a few Saiyuki postcards on eBay [[ here ]]

Please feel free to take a look, thank you! ^_^
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THE SKY TIDES [03 Nov 2009|01:33pm]

Collapse )
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Saiyuki Room Party on Friday [28 Oct 2009|04:59pm]

Everything is good to go and I'm getting ready for the con. The newest doujin is back from the printers and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and actually look forward to the con. XD

The party will be held at 8pm on Friday in the Mariott.

Please see this entry regarding past information.

I'll give notice on Friday afternoon of the room's number.

If you will not have access to the internet on Friday and want to be texted with the room number, please leave me your cell phone number in the comments of THIS ENTRY. All comments will be screened there.

Hope to see you there! :D

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Saiyuki room party a-go-go~ [27 Jul 2009|03:42pm]

Sup folks! I'm still alive and kicking, despite hardly touching the internet in months - whoops!

The 2nd Annual Saiyuki Room Party at YaoiCon is still set and ready to go. The room has been reserved for Friday the 30th.

Details about the party can be found here as usual. Come and drop any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have; I'd like this to be even better than last year. :D

x-posted to various saiyukiplaces.
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Nitro Dressing. Now with events! [04 Jul 2009|06:47pm]


A dressing room is a free-for-all roleplay community that requires no application process. It doesn't matter whether you already play the character at another game or if you want to try your hands at them before applying somewhere, all Minekura Kazuya characters are welcome here! It's also an ideal place for people who don't have enough time/energy to dedicate to a formal roleplay, not to mention for meeting new people and having all sorts of crazy roleplay antics.

Now with weekly events! Current event? Gender swap!

Come play with us!
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[19 Apr 2009|09:44pm]

Selling some more anime merchandises that I impulsed-bought over the years.

Official OVA guide (with Goku pull-out poster)

Detective Conan
Gundam 00
Gundam Seed
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden
Prince of Tennis
DN Angel

One Piece
Samurai Deeper Kyo


Moderators: If selling posts are not allowed, please remove this entry.
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saiyuki DOUJINSHI for sale~ [19 Apr 2009|08:56am]

heloo there~

i have several saiyuki doujinshis collection as well as saiyuki mag n other stuff to sell at my journal.
please come and take a visit~ here:

FOllow the cutey fake cut~

thank you~!
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Manga [02 Mar 2009|04:45pm]

 Hi, I've read up to Volume 7 Chapter 31 Even a Worm. I was wondering where I could find the chapters after that online. I know there's a community on livejournal that does Saiyuki Reload and Gaiden but they're doing vol 9 and 10 while I need the rest of 7 and 8. 
Thanks <3
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Sanzo plush for sale! [08 Nov 2008|10:00am]

I happen to have an extra Sanzo plush I need to get rid of that I just put up on eBay. I thought someone in this community might be interested. I bought him for $35 a year ago, but I'm only asking $15 to start.

Click link to view!

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Party~ Party~ [22 Sep 2008|03:59pm]

Hay guys~

One last post before the con regarding the Saiyuki Room Party we’re hosting at Yaoi Con.

***We’ll be starting things off at 8:00pm Friday night.***

I’ve gotten a bigger response to the invitation than I expected. Hopefully we won’t get too crowded. ;)

I’m still trying to come up with a way to let you all know what room we’ll be in. Most likely I will make a post Friday afternoon with the room number. If you don’t think you’ll have access to a computer, I could text you the room number if you felt comfortable enough to email your phone numbers to lil ol’ me. :B jiibii (at) gmail (dot) com

Sticking up a sign in the lobby is also an option, but I don’t want to end up with more people than we can handle, so it’s a last resort. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Other than that, I believe we are good to go. :) Looking forward to meeting those of you who can come! :D

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[15 Sep 2008|09:13pm]

If this is against the rules, please feel free to delete this post.

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Calling all Saiyuki Fans attending Yaoi Con this year! [03 Sep 2008|06:24pm]

thefacelessevil, sadieko, dotiscute, and I will be hosting a Saiyuki room party this year at the con on Friday night!

Please head over to my journal and let me know if you wanna come chill. :)

( fake cut to my journal )

xposted all over the dang place

Happy Goku month~ [02 Sep 2008|10:50pm]

SUP EVERYBODY. Happy Goku month!! Here's a bunch of crap that I did recently and from awhile ago. :D

Artist: Me~
Characters: Goku-centric, with a sprinkle of Jeep, Gojyo, Hakkai, Sanzo & pornomags
Warnings: Somewhat Not Worksafe (Goku nipples, among others)
Pieces: 6

Collapse )

Xposted: saiyuki saiyuki_reload saiyukiyaoi pie_industries
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Test2 [17 Aug 2008|09:16am]

Testing Sanzo Cosplay.

( Sanzo Cosplay TryOut 2 )

Or press the previews:
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Cosplay [14 Aug 2008|10:11am]

Testing Sanzo Cosplay.

( Sanzo Cosplay TryOut 1 )

Or press the previews:
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